The Importance of Penetration Testing

29 Oct

If a company wants to detect, identify and classify security loopholes in computers, websites, networks, IT systems and communication systems, then the process used is vulnerability assessment. If there is even a minor loophole in your network, it can put your entire system at risk and your information can be stolen. Third parties and others are able to access and steal and exploit your data base and information of your entire network system if there are loopholes. The vulnerability of your system is analyzed through the use of software but is not an active process.

On the other hand, application penetration test is an active process and require ethical hackers with profound knowledge of networking and hacking. Ethical hackers don't misuse information and database for personal gain. Instead, they find loopholes and cover them up. In penetration testing, they hire a security team. Members of this security team are very skilled, experienced, and trust worthy. They are certified ethical hackers. They ensure that integrity of the network and are coached to use similar methods that computer hackers use to get unlicensed access to the system. These professional experts then make the company aware of their weakness and what can be done in order to prevent access or intruders from stealing data or for making the data public. There are several ethical hacking institutes that recruit experienced and skilled testers to prevent networks from experiencing security breach.

If you want to protect and defend your network and computers from being attacked externally, then you should hire a certified ethical hacker. Real hackers  can cause damage to your business and network systems. If the vulnerability is major then the damage to your site can also be that big. If these bad hackers can gain access to your internal and secretive database, then your website can be cut down and your company can literally be defaced. Inject Trojan viruses, horses or worms to get access to the network hackers. But this will slow down your network or shut down your website. It will be a potential loss for everyone. To read more about the benefits of cyber security, go to

It is very essential then to go for web app security assessment testing. You should invest on this. There are many hackers out there who want to steal the database of your company. The usual thing that hackers do is to steal credit card information, use it and bill it on the customer's account. It is therefore mandatory to do penetration testing since it prevents your network from experiencing a security breach. This testing will then show your company's vulnerabilities which can easily be seen with a vulnerability scanner.


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